3 Reasons To Have A Creative Session

There are many times in life where we find ourselves having “creative blocks.” Whether you are a writer, painter, musician or business owner, we all face the realm of stagnation from time to time. One of the best ways to pull yourself out of this is to get together with like minded people and have a creative brainstorm session.

A couple years back, myself along with fellow “Vegas Creatives” Matt Dever (My Brother), Shane Allen and Khalilah Yasmin got together for a creative session at one of our favorite places on The Las Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. Shane was leaving for Japan and this would be one of the last times we could be together for a while.

We gathered on the third floor of The Cosmo where we were surrounded by an array of art pieces while enjoy the luxuries of the extremely comfortable furniture. Throughout the afternoon we conversed, collaborated and worked on our own individual projects exchanging ideas among each other. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. I highly encourage you to check out the video at the top of the blog to get a firsthand look on what I’m talking about.

Now, without further ado, here are my top 3 reasons to have a creative session.

See things from a different perspective.

As creative or as knowledgeable we may be in our respected industries or crafts, sometimes all we need is another set of eyes on what it is we are working on. Have you ever thought over and over about an idea or project and felt stuck? Then as soon as  you explain it to a friend or colleague they miraculously come up with an idea or answer right away! This isn’t because they know more than you or are more creative (even though that could be the case), it is because you are getting a fresh mind with a different thought process to address your issue. It’s easy to get caught into one line of thinking when it is only you but by bringing in a fresh mind, one can potentially point out things you may not have thought of or overlooked.

Lift Your Spirits

It’s OK and can be very beneficial to work solo. I do it frequently, however a lot times this can send us into melancholy mood and even depressive states as a creative when we find ourselves getting frustrated. The mind is a very amazing but at the same time extremely powerful place we must respect and recognize. That being said, it is good to socialize and interact with others. Simply being around other people can change your spirits from disappointed and frustrated to happy and optimistic. When we feel good, we relax and when we relax we tend to create more fluently.

It’s FREE!

Bottom line, getting together with a group of people for a creative brainstorm session comes at a very low cost. More times than not, it’s going to be absolutely FREE! When I met up at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino’s art section for “Vegas Creatives” none of us had to spend a dime except maybe for a slice of pizza (you’ll have to watch the episode to know what I mean). All you need is your mind, great people and your time.

Recently, our original creative session group met up along with Asia Jade and Vegas Waye from The Social Media Show ( at the same spot at in The Cosmo) for a creative session reunion. Shane has returned to the states after a 2 year hiatus and it was a nice reminder on why we should continue this practice. So no matter what project you are working on or idea you are trying to evolve, consider getting together with a group of like minded friends and/or colleagues and have a creative session!

Vegas Creatives - The Cosmopolitan - Las Vegas Nevada - Las Vegas Strip



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