3 Ways To Use Instagram For Your Business

One of the most popular Social Media platforms out right now is Instagram. With now over 300 million users (more than Twitter), Instagram has showed no signs of slowing down as it continues to evolve and adapt to the market. Instagram is personally one of my favorite social media outlets because it’s quick, simple and to the point. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well on Instagram, it can be all of that and more!

Here are 3 ways you can use Instagram for your business or brand.

1. Display Company Culture or Lifestyle

No matter what your business or brand maybe, Instagram is an amazing place to showcase what your company culture or lifestyle is all about. A lot of people feel the need to “sell” or push their product in the viewers face, in my opinion, this is not the place. I’m not saying you can’t do posts showing a new product or running a sales promotion once in a while but people are logging on to Instagram to have fun and kill time, not buy.

Let’s look at Nike, a giant brand who has over 20 million followers. Take a look at their Instagram and you will not find too many product pictures or sales promotions but rather action shots of people living the lifestyle the Nike culture represents which is runners, action sport enthusiasts and athletes. Usually, they post a great hiking, running or athletic photo paired with a motivational quote. They will most definitely have the subject wearing Nike apparel, but it will be done discretely so it doesn’t take away from the message they are trying to present.

2. Develop and engage with a community

Like any other social media platform, Instagram is a great place to develop and engage with your online community. Here you can target users who fall into your demographic through hashtags and by following accounts in your industry. From here, you can start building conversations. This is your chance to show you are more than just an advertisement but rather a voice for the people. By answering questions from brand advocates, commenting and liking other user’s posts, you can quickly become the “cool” kid on the block.

3. Get Creative!

Finally, Instagram is a wonderful opportunity for your business to get creative and show it’s more personal side. One company who has done an incredible job of this is OREO. One would think there would be only so many pictures you could show of the same cookie over and over again. However, OREO went way outside the box to develop a unique branding campaign which turned the cookies into art using them in random settings such as landscape pieces, replacing the heads of people and even becoming the backdrop for a moon landing. Now that’s getting creative!



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