3 Reasons To Have A Creative Session

There are many times in life where we find ourselves having “creative blocks.” Whether you are a writer, painter, musician or business owner, we all face the realm of stagnation from time to time. One of the best ways to pull yourself out of this is to get together with like minded people and have a creative brainstorm session.

A couple years back, myself along with fellow “Vegas Creatives” Matt Dever (My Brother), Shane Allen and Khalilah Yasmin got together for a creative session at one of our favorite places on The Las Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. Shane was leaving for Japan and this would be one of the last times we could be together for a while.

We gathered on the third floor of The Cosmo where we were surrounded by an array of art pieces while enjoy the luxuries of the extremely comfortable furniture. Throughout the afternoon we conversed, collaborated and worked on our own individual projects exchanging ideas among each other. It was an amazing experience I will never forget. I highly encourage you to check out the video at the top of the blog to get a firsthand look on what I’m talking about.

Now, without further ado, here are my top 3 reasons to have a creative session.

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5 Tips For Making A Music Video

I have been a part of a lot of amazing video projects over the past few years, as a result, I have developed five tips for making a music video.  I would have to say making music videos rank among some of my favorite video projects. I have a deep passion for music and feel many times it is the soundtrack to our lives. A music artist pours their heart and soul into their songs to motivate, inspire and relate to the listener unlike any other art form. A great song can stand alone, but what can make it even greater is bringing it to life by telling it’s story through a music video.

One music video project I recently produced was for Julien Grei (some say he and I look alike) aka Mr. Grei for his music video “Fifty Shades with Mr. Grei” which was a tribute to the popular book Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. Here are my five tips.

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Feeling Stressed? Don’t Worry! Here’s Why…

I used to worry constantly and was very impatient when it came to achieving certain milestones in my life. Kind of like when you were a little kid and you saw that toy up you wanted on TV with the “I want it now!” attitude.

However, through the years I have learned from my own experiences that everything you want to have happen may not happen exactly when you want it to. I’ve had many instances where I had self imposed deadlines in my head and felt a sense of disappointment or failure when they were not reached. Time would go on and I wouldn’t necessarily forget what it is I wanted but I may have let it go in a sense or moved it to the back burner.

Then a few weeks, months or even years would go by and suddenly out of no where what I had desired would appear. Not only would the things happen that I wanted but they seemed to happen exactly when they were supposed to. As in I was ready for them either mentally, physically, spiritually or even all three.

So my point to all of you is don’t get upset, worry or throw in the towel if what it is you want has come into reality yet. Continue to water the seed in your subconscious mind and work hard every day toward your goals and improving yourself. It will happen, just give it time.

My Top 3 Intellectual Influences

Through reading books and watching various documentaries my findings thus far have lead me to three individuals I consider as intellectual influences. They include Terrance McKenna, Ram Dass and Timothy Leary.

McKenna, was a lecturer and author who spoke on a variety of topics ranging from plants, language, alchemy psychedelics and shamanism to name a few. I confess I have not read any of his books yet but look forward to reading some which include “Food of The Gods” “The Archaic Revival” and “The Evolutionary Mind.” I have often worked or spent time in nature listening to the words of McKenna’s lectures.

Ram Dass, also known as Dr. Richard Alpert is an author and spiritual teacher. Set for a prestigious career as a Harvard Professor, Dr. Alpert left it all behind and went to India where he was given the name “Ram Dass.” His journey to enlightenment led him to write the infamous book “Be Here Now” which to this day, is one of my favorite.

I’ll never forget the day I stumbled across Dr. Timothy Leary. My first thought was “How have I never heard of this guy?!” Dr. Leary was a psychologist and writer who was also a Harvard Professor alongside Dr. Alpert before being forced to leave for their involvement in the psychedelic movement. With his famous saying “Turn on, Tune in and Drop out” and “think for yourself and question authority” Tim lectured all across the country and was once named “the most dangerous man in America” by president Nixon.

I encourage all of you if you have never read any of these men’s work to take a look. They encourage outside the box thinking and stood up for what they believed in even when “society” deemed them not fit. All three are pioneers in their own right and I feel blessed to have been introduced to their teachings.

Who are some of your intellectual influences?

The Universe Is In Us

Since the dawn of our existence, we have looked to the sky with great wonder marveling at the beauty and presence of The Cosmos. What is it? Where did it come from? Who created it? Which in turn leads to who are we? Where did we come from? Who created us?

I’ve been watching a lot of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Carl Sagan as of late and Neil pointed out one thing which really fascinated me. When asked what was the single most important thing to know about The Universe, Neil replied with “The same stuff the universe is made up out of, we’re made up out of.”

As simple as this statement seems, take a moment to understand how pivotal it is. To me it means everything is connected, we are all one and the power of The Universe lies in every one of us.

Sam Dever To Launch New Las Vegas Reality Series On Memorial Day


Las Vegas, NV – Local Las Vegas Media Entrepreneur, Producer and Artist Sam Dever is releasing a new Las Vegas Reality Series this upcoming Memorial Day Monday May 26th, 2014. The show or “Docu-Series” as Dever calls it, is based upon his life experiences and people he has had the pleasure of working with while living in Sin City.


Originally from the Midwest, Dever moved out to Las Vegas shortly after college graduation with his mind set on media and entertainment. From Social Media Marketing to Video Production To Blogging To Show Production To Music, Dever has had a little taste of everything media related in a city he calls the next “Atlantis” due to all of the entrepreneurial drive, creativity and technological advancement.

In the first episode titled “Vegas Creatives” Dever is joined by graphic designer/photographer Shane Allen; Writer, Author and Spoken Word Artist Khalilah Yasmin; and brother Matt “Dreads” who is a videographer working with Sam on film projects. The group gathers for a creative work day at none other than the beautiful Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino where they make their way through artistic wonders of the third floor. The story is narrated by Dever who introduces how he is connected with each individual along the way. The segment also features a spoken word performance from Yasmin at the popular coffeehouse downtown “The Beat” where Sam and Shane took their cameras to help capture the moment.  The “Vegas Creatives” make the most out of this day for it would be the last time they would all be together as one member of the group is leaving Las Vegas. Tune in to find out who.


Dever said he wants to showcase a different side to Las Vegas featuring some of the amazing people he has had the pleasure of working with over the past few years in various industries. “I absolutely love Las Vegas” Dever said, “I am extremely blessed and grateful to be able to pursue all of my creative and entrepreneurial dreams in the greatest city on the planet. I look forward to showcasing a side many don’t realize is here with the world.” He continued to say, “There are so many amazing creative individuals and entrepreneurs in Las Vegas. I’m excited to see what the city will evolve into the next 5-10 years.” He says the series will also cover life topics and to expect many appearances from “The Pink Gorilla” which has become a staple in Dever’s Las Vegas lifestyle.

Dever also recently went onto Local Las Vegas Late Night Talk Show The Will Edwards Show to talk about the upcoming reality series, the history of “The Pink Gorilla” as well as The Social Media Show which Sam plays the role of Executive Producer and Senior Host.


The Show will debut at SamDever.com Monday May 26th 2014.


For Interviews and any other Inquiries Please Email Press@SamDever.com or call 702.285.9423

Las Vegas Art – The Artistic Armory

When you think of art what are some of the top cities that come to mind are probably Paris, Rome, Berlin, Florence, New York City, Washington D.C. and Chicago. I have one more for you, Las Vegas. Yes, you read that right Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City has become home to several amazing artists of various crafts and is undergoing it’s own artistic renaissance as we speak. The Arts District, Downtown Las Vegas and even on The Strip you can find art galleries, sculptures and performances that will satisfy even the most extreme art connoisseurs.  However, the artistic utopia I am talking about today resides in a residence just south of The Las Vegas Strip. It’s a place of intelligent innovation and creative wonder, the place I am talking about today is The Artistic Armory.

1379910_384522011650189_1462354207_nMy journey to The Artistic Armory began with talented local Las Vegas artist Steve Moffett also know as “Mowgli” to the art community. We had first met when he was part of an interview for The Social Media Show at First Friday. We had kept in communication seeing each other at events from time to time and staying in touch through Social Media. Then one day, Steve invited me to come to an opening for a new artistic workspace he was setting up shop called “The Artistic Armory.” It sounded like an awesome place so I packed up my camera and headed over to see what artistic wonders awaited me .

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Drowning (Visual Art Piece)

Do any of you ever feel like you’re drowning? Maybe not in a literal sense but rather in a sense of a certain realm in your life. It could be with a relationship, your workplace, a financial situation or even goals you are trying to accomplish. You put so much effort into something and it just seems you are not getting anywhere or you feel like you’re “drowning” never truly progressing to where it is you are trying to go.

drowningHowever, you do reach those moments where the struggle stops. You seem to have a handle on things. Maybe you think those struggles you once had are no more and you finally are to a point where you can start to enjoy whatever it is you had been workin toward. Then, like clockwork, the “drowning” starts right back. You start to question not only yourself but maybe the world. How can this keep happening? How can I continuously be put in this “drowning” situation?

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Create. See. Share. – Birth of A New Media Company

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Las Vegas and there I was at the magnificent workout center known as the Las Vegas Athletic Club. I was at the LVAC location on Eastern and 215 for my usual morning workout when an idea struck me. Ideas always seem to come to me when I’m deep into an intense workout for some reason.

1236716_226448280879102_1946464148_nTo give you a brief back story, I’m a media entrepreneur, producer and artist in Las Vegas who approximately two years ago took the leap from the “day job” to full blown entrepreneurship. It’s been an amazing experience to say the least. I’ve been privileged to work with several businesses and individuals in various realms of media in and outside of the Las Vegas area. From Social Media to Video Production to Miscellaneous Media Projects I can most definitely say I’ve received far more education from these experiences than in my four years attending college (although College was an amazing time to say the least).

However, I had hit a point where I needed to consolidate or at least properly structure what it is I do into an organized business funnel. A question I often get asked by people either in person or on Social Media is “What exactly is it that you do?” It’s a fair question, especially when one post I make is of a video I made in a Las Vegas Nightclub, another is an episode of The Social Media Show or even a random music video I made of this mysterious musical character they call “Mr. Grei” (more about him in later posts).

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