Create. See. Share. – Birth of A New Media Company

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Las Vegas and there I was at the magnificent workout center known as the Las Vegas Athletic Club. I was at the LVAC location on Eastern and 215 for my usual morning workout when an idea struck me. Ideas always seem to come to me when I’m deep into an intense workout for some reason.

1236716_226448280879102_1946464148_nTo give you a brief back story, I’m a media entrepreneur, producer and artist in Las Vegas who approximately two years ago took the leap from the “day job” to full blown entrepreneurship. It’s been an amazing experience to say the least. I’ve been privileged to work with several businesses and individuals in various realms of media in and outside of the Las Vegas area. From Social Media to Video Production to Miscellaneous Media Projects I can most definitely say I’ve received far more education from these experiences than in my four years attending college (although College was an amazing time to say the least).

However, I had hit a point where I needed to consolidate or at least properly structure what it is I do into an organized business funnel. A question I often get asked by people either in person or on Social Media is “What exactly is it that you do?” It’s a fair question, especially when one post I make is of a video I made in a Las Vegas Nightclub, another is an episode of The Social Media Show or even a random music video I made of this mysterious musical character they call “Mr. Grei” (more about him in later posts).

1959238_226471764210087_1614028515_nSee, I’m an individual who just can’t do one thing. I’ve tried focusing all of my talents and efforts into one thing but the way my mind works, I am constantly visualizing, creating and bringing my ideas into formation.  Perhaps this hurts me at times but I’m a firm believer in if you have the skills

After taking the advice of a mentor of mine, I finally watched the “Jobs” movie. In fact, I watched it twice because it was beyond incredibly inspiring to me. I’m always late to the game on outstanding individuals involved in my fields of interest such as Orson Wells, Howard Hughes (The Aviator inspired me beyond belief as well) and of course Steve Jobs. It’s not that I didn’t know who he was, it’s just I never really dove into his background or story if you will.  And here I am this whole time owning an iPhone, an iPad and a Macbook Pro and didn’t take the time to investigate into the company’s founder! After watching the movie in which Ashton Kutcher did a phenomenal job portraying Mr. Jobs, I immediately searched the internet to find any interview, speech or documentary I could find on this brilliant innovator. I fell in love with him and couldn’t get enough of his genius, creativity and leadership.

stevejobs_large_verge_medium_landscapeSo back to this idea I had. I was definitely well on my way to improving and restructuring my old media company I had for the past two years but something was missing. See, my old company name contained my name and really meant nothing to anyone who didn’t know me. It was all for my own ego and contained a certain emptiness that I could no longer be passionate about. Well, there I was at the end of my workout when I reached the revelation while on the treadmill, “Why don’t I just form a new media company with a different name?” As soon as the thought entered my head my mind started racing. I felt a wave of energy come across me that was more than just the pre-workout supplement I had taking about an hour prior. This was my chance to take the past two years of experience and transform it into something more, something better, something that I 110% believed in and could inspire others to as well.

As soon as I got home I searched the internet typing any name idea I had into the search engines only to find that a lot of the names I was coming up with had already been taken. You’d actually be surprised how many media company domain names are not only bought but are being sold for a hefty price. I stopped forcing the name and decided I would let it come to me naturally. Fast forward a couple days to the day before Christmas Eve and there I was on the phone with the mentor talking about the new name I had come up with and the concept behind what the company did.

create-see-share-logoOriginally, I had picked another name that was less ego driven with the concepts of what we did being “Write. See. Share.” My mentor said that was good but why don’t you drop the “Write” and replace it with “Create.” Brilliant I said! Then came a moment in my life in which I will never forget. When my mentor  suggested to me, “Forget the other media company name Create See Share should be the name of your new company. I stopped the frantic pacing I was doing in my office and stood there dead in my tracks. Within two seconds I had what seemed like an out of body experience that took me through a vision that previewed the next several years of my business career and where I could go with this very concept. “YES!” I screamed, “That is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for!” I mean think about it. What is it that I actually do? I CREATE ideas in my head,  I put them together in visual form so I can SEE them and then I go SHARE them with everyone I know. If I can do this for myself, I can do this for many others along with inspire others who share this philosophy with me to be on board with the concept. It was something that was no longer about me but was something that I without a shadow of a doubt passionately believed in. I now had a direction of how I could house my own projects and bring others visions to life as well. Create See Share Media, Inc. was born!

The next two months consisted of proper planning, execution and several meetings with my mentor to get ready to present “Create. See. Share.” to the world.  I went completely off the grid including going out to events, taking meetings and even backing off of Social Media which at the time was a good thing as I felt I had been on it a little too much distracting me from what I needed to get done.  I was more focused than ever because for the first time I was taking my time to properly layout my foundation which would give all of my own personal and client projects an organized structure. Like Apple, Create See Share’s goal is to keep things simple. The look is clean, simple and to the point.


To sum it up for you, Create. See. Share is a Multi-Media Creative firm offering a variety of services to help bring your vision to life. Whether it be Article Writing, Audio Marketing, Graphic Design, Increased Search Engine Placement (SEO), Photography, Promotions, Social Media, Video Production, Video Marketing or Website Creation, you name it! We will help you with whatever online and offline marketing tactics you need to succeed.The website contains four main videos including an About video giving a company overview and three more describing the concepts of Create, See and Share.

You can check out the website along with all of the services we provide at Create See Share

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone that assisted in the launch of “Create. See. Share.” I would also like to thank anyone I have had the pleasure of working with for it is from all my experiences that I am able to move forward with this latest endeavor in an effective way.

I encourage all of you (if you have not already found it yet) to dig deep into your mind and soul to figure out what it is you exactly want to do and go for it. The only limits we have are the ones that we put on ourselves. You will never regret putting yourself out there trying something new. What you will regret, is not going out there and spending the rest of your life wondering “What if?”So go out there and Create, See and Share your vision today!


Until next time friends,


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