Exploring The Exploratorium In San Francisco

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of exploring The Exploratorium in San Francisco, CA with Athena Tabula aka “The Busy Yogi.” For those who don’t know, The Exploratorium is a global leader in informal education, igniting curiosity and inspiring creativity in people of all ages. It is a museum of science, art and human perception.

The Exploratorium offers things to people of all ages including hundreds of explore-for-yourself exhibits, kids workshops, film screenings, family investigations, evening art and science for adults, which Athena and I attended. They also create professional development programs for educators and are leading the way of how science is taught around the world.

11987084_408532649337330_7157944579502418170_nAthena, her brother Adrian (who joined us later on) and I barely scratched the surface of what all The Exploratorium had to offer. However, the areas we were able to explore were magnificent filled with education, amazement, wonder and course, fun!

I just so happened to have my camera with me and decided to capture our experience on film. Watch the video above to see some of the highlights of our adventure!


If you are ever in the San Franciso area, I highly encourage you to head down to Pier 15 and visit the enchanting and ever so educational environment of The Exploratorium. It is an incredible place for anyone interested in how things work and who want to expand their creative consciousness to new heights!



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