Feeling Stressed? Don’t Worry! Here’s Why…

I used to worry constantly and was very impatient when it came to achieving certain milestones in my life. Kind of like when you were a little kid and you saw that toy up you wanted on TV with the “I want it now!” attitude.

However, through the years I have learned from my own experiences that everything you want to have happen may not happen exactly when you want it to. I’ve had many instances where I had self imposed deadlines in my head and felt a sense of disappointment or failure when they were not reached. Time would go on and I wouldn’t necessarily forget what it is I wanted but I may have let it go in a sense or moved it to the back burner.

Then a few weeks, months or even years would go by and suddenly out of no where what I had desired would appear. Not only would the things happen that I wanted but they seemed to happen exactly when they were supposed to. As in I was ready for them either mentally, physically, spiritually or even all three.

So my point to all of you is don’t get upset, worry or throw in the towel if what it is you want has come into reality yet. Continue to water the seed in your subconscious mind and work hard every day toward your goals and improving yourself. It will happen, just give it time.

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