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When you think of art what are some of the top cities that come to mind are probably Paris, Rome, Berlin, Florence, New York City, Washington D.C. and Chicago. I have one more for you, Las Vegas. Yes, you read that right Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City has become home to several amazing artists of various crafts and is undergoing it’s own artistic renaissance as we speak. The Arts District, Downtown Las Vegas and even on The Strip you can find art galleries, sculptures and performances that will satisfy even the most extreme art connoisseurs.  However, the artistic utopia I am talking about today resides in a residence just south of The Las Vegas Strip. It’s a place of intelligent innovation and creative wonder, the place I am talking about today is The Artistic Armory.

1379910_384522011650189_1462354207_nMy journey to The Artistic Armory began with talented local Las Vegas artist Steve Moffett also know as “Mowgli” to the art community. We had first met when he was part of an interview for The Social Media Show at First Friday. We had kept in communication seeing each other at events from time to time and staying in touch through Social Media. Then one day, Steve invited me to come to an opening for a new artistic workspace he was setting up shop called “The Artistic Armory.” It sounded like an awesome place so I packed up my camera and headed over to see what artistic wonders awaited me .

When I arrived to the location I was instantly taken back by the incredible art pieces that laid before my eyes. Before I even walked through the doors, there were artists outside displaying their artistic creations for all to see. After taking a look around and grabbing some video clips I headed in. The main entrance was extremely unique having various types of art pieces on the walls. I made my way to the back or the “warehouse” section if you will and was blown away by an array of artistic pieces everywhere. A DJ was spinning some chill electronic music, people gathered around each artist’s station and a beverage section that the artists of The Artistic Armory were ever so kind to provide.  I spotted Mowgli and headed over to check out his set up. One thing I love about Mowgli’s art is his references to pop culture. Charlie Sheen, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad were all pieces that caught my eye. Steve gave me a breakdown of how the Armory started and what it’s purpose was which was to create an environment for artists to create their artistic visions and bring art to the City of Las Vegas.

1239702_1444869199071023_566183120_nAfter talking with Mowgli and grabbing an interview of him and other artists at The Artistic Armory for The Social Media Show (Watch Here) on how they use Social Media to promote their art, I couldn’t help but be inspired by what surrounded me. I started grabbing video clips of the various forms of artwork which evolved into the video you see above the post.

I absolutely love The Artistic Armory. Here you have a collection of super talented artists who came together to co-work in one common space. At The Artistic Armory there is no such thing as “9-5” or any set of hours really. These artists literally get to work whenever inspiration hits and are in an environment to collaborate and inspire each other in their own individual projects. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Steve Moffet (The Mr. Grei Collab is Happening) and the rest of the residents that work out of The Artistic Armory. If you are ever in Las Vegas and want to check out some extremely unique artwork, simply stop by The Artistic Armory and be prepared to be amazed.

1011048_438459079589815_1912204458_nDr. Lepper

Recycled Propaganda

Dead Girls and Robots

Mowgli Art

Fresh Prints

Game Over Merch

      Suicide Queen Cupcakes

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