How To Become A Thought Leader Online

Social Media has opened an array of new portals for individuals, brands and businesses alike. Giving us the ability to become thought leaders in our respective industries. With the click of a button we can be connected with virtually anyone around the world in a matter of seconds. Not only has this been great for developing relationships on the friendship level, but many have been able to attract new business and clients simply by showcasing their business or brand in a more personal way.

One thing I have learned through my experience working with clients and my own projects on the social media platforms is people do not respond well to “in your face” selling. When you are constantly tweeting, Facebooking or Instagramming out “Buy My Stuff” posts, people tend to be turned off. They are on social media to have fun, learn and interact, not necessarily to buy. That doesn’t mean you can never run a sales special or come up with a clever ad showing the benefits of your product but if you don’t balance your content marketing campaign with useful information in respects to your industry, you’re going to hear crickets.

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