Create. See. Share. – Birth of A New Media Company

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Las Vegas and there I was at the magnificent workout center known as the Las Vegas Athletic Club. I was at the LVAC location on Eastern and 215 for my usual morning workout when an idea struck me. Ideas always seem to come to me when I’m deep into an intense workout for some reason.

1236716_226448280879102_1946464148_nTo give you a brief back story, I’m a media entrepreneur, producer and artist in Las Vegas who approximately two years ago took the leap from the “day job” to full blown entrepreneurship. It’s been an amazing experience to say the least. I’ve been privileged to work with several businesses and individuals in various realms of media in and outside of the Las Vegas area. From Social Media to Video Production to Miscellaneous Media Projects I can most definitely say I’ve received far more education from these experiences than in my four years attending college (although College was an amazing time to say the least).

However, I had hit a point where I needed to consolidate or at least properly structure what it is I do into an organized business funnel. A question I often get asked by people either in person or on Social Media is “What exactly is it that you do?” It’s a fair question, especially when one post I make is of a video I made in a Las Vegas Nightclub, another is an episode of The Social Media Show or even a random music video I made of this mysterious musical character they call “Mr. Grei” (more about him in later posts).

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